Days 1 and 2 of new life – busy

Very first thing I did on Monday 3rd Dec was brew myself a nice fresh cup of coffee, and sit in the living room and listen to some old vinyl 33 1/3 RPM LPs. Not because I’m a nostalgia buff: I did it because it really sounded great! Sure, I’ve also just purchased a pile of music from the iTunes store for my spiffy new iPhone. Like I’ve said before in “LP/MP3 si, CD no“, all-digital is great for convenience, and vinyl is great for feeling the disc and reading the cover – and it can sound great too. The sooner I see the end of CDs, the better. OK, back to some chores – don’t wanna waste the day online!


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  1. neil Says:

    from a few older folks i know ;o) it seems that one should expect to be even busier in retirement. so not so much retiring from work as it is redirecting your energy.

    as for the elimination of CDs, for my sake i hope your wish doesn’t come true. When i started buying music, CDs were dominant so they give me the sense of ownership that u say u get from Vinyls. so i have a pile of CDs that i never plan to get rid of and i still add to it when i come across an artist/album that i really like.

    and artwork on discs is so much cooler than the piece of paper in the middle of a vinyl :o)

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