Day 3 of new life: blog break time

OK, I only lasted a few days on this (migrated site) blog, but actually I’ve been ‘doing it’ (blogging) for almost 5 years now. Yikes.

So, it’s time for an indefinite break from blogging, Twitter, Facebook – the works; it’s been great, and I have met many fantastic people. Heh, it didn’t take me long to realise when ‘migrating’ from my academic blog site to this (private) blog site that by bulk-copying everything, I made it far too similar, and that’s not actually what I want to do! It’ll be easy enough (maybe) to beam back in when I’ve either changed my mind or got something to say.

Many thanks again to all my wonderful friends, colleagues, and random readers!


One Response to “Day 3 of new life: blog break time”

  1. Stefania Says:

    Marc, I’m very sorry for not being there during your celebration, then I use your private blog for telling you that you are a wonderful person who mainly contributed to make KMi the great place it is.
    Your positive nature, your smile, your enthusiasm have been contagious.
    I wish everything is ok in your life far from the work. We will miss you very much.

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