So long, OU, and thanks!

Wow, I had a phenomenal retirement gig at KMi this afternoon. There is a KMi Planet story about the event, along with some choice photos, and a big party tonight. There were some wonderful presentations by Ingrid Slack, Martin Levoi, Enrico Motta, and Peter Scott (thanks!). And some fabulous presents, including a slew of wonderful ‘Eisenstadt’-related T-shirts, a great poster, flattering messages beamed in from afar, and in iPhone to round out the occasion! Many thanks to all.

The OU has been extraordinarily good to me; I’ve had the privilege of working with some absolutely first-rate people, and made many great friends here. A short blog entry cannot do justice to 33 years at the Open University, but suffice it to say that my earliest years in the Psychology Department and my recent years in KMi have been an absolute pleasure, and a thoroughly joyous ride from beginning to end. I was especially delighted that both KMi co-founder Tom Vincent and also Lady Kitty Chisholm, who was so critical in the creation of KMi in the first place, were both able to attend. It was great to catch up with everyone, and I’m looking forward to the party tonight.

I’ll be moving this blog into private territory as soon as I get the transfer set up… stay tuned!


2 Responses to “So long, OU, and thanks!”

  1. Mike Lewis Says:

    Hey Marc,

    Sorry to see you go, but I’m sure you won’t be too far away!

    I’m sure the ‘tone’ of KMi will change now that both you and Tom have moved on, but not the quality of work done by those who remain.

    Too bad I missed the leaving party, would have been nice to call in by Stadium webchat if nothing else!

    Take care, and don’t work too hard in retirement!

    Best wishes, and thanks for everything,

    Mike Lewis & family in Colorado.

  2. Chris Valentine Says:

    We’re really going to miss you Marc! I guess I will just have to come up with the wacky ideas myself now!


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