Big Week – DYNIQX, Video MSG, Mobile Expert Search, Adios

Wow… lots of stuff coming out from KMi right now… best to check KMi Planet for all the news, but here’s a sampler of stuff I’ve had the privilege of being connected with (click on thumbnails for larger images):

Video MSGMSG adds video. Our open source AJAX messenger-with-maps joins the emergeing MeBeam brigade, and more. We have now added a 1-click launch-videochat link to any text chat, in addition to opening up registration to anyone, as reported earlier. This complements the existing 1-click launch of FlashMeeting available to all OpenLearn registrants. [Read story, plus links.]

DYNIQXDYNIQX, our dynamic meta-search engine (think of Kayak for academic repositories) has a very successful test run. We have created an interface that lets users view multiple repositiories, including Google Scholar, and display a dynamically-changing landscape as they ‘change their minds’ about what results are worth seeing. More importantly, the open source version will let developers add new repositories in a straightforward way. [Read story, plus links.]

Mobile Expert SearchExpert Search, Jianhan Zhu’s engine which returns people rather than documents, scores highly in TREC07, gets a mobile rendition and is accessible via the OU Library site. It requires intranet access, but is a great demonstration of the power of this technology for finding people within an organization, real or virtual. [Read story, plus links.]

Yikes… and tomorrow is my last day in KMi – caramba, what a week!

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