25,000,000 personal records ‘is’ lost: but don’t worry!

BBC news and many others report

HM Revenue and Customs has lost computer discs containing the entire child benefit records, including the personal details of 25 million people – covering 7.25 million families overall. The two discs contain the names, addresses, dates of birth and bank account details of people who received child benefit. They also include National Insurance numbers.

But there’s nothing to worry about:

Mr Darling said there was no evidence of fraud or that the details had fallen into the “wrong hands”, but said that anyone who loses money as a result of fraud resulting from the lost discs would be reimbursed. But he said there was no need for anyone to close their bank accounts.

No problem, then! Interesting that Techmeme has nothing about this, but at the same time is full of very high profile links to a flurry of stories about Facebook dropping the word ‘is’ from user profiles (as in Marc is doing X vs Marc is believes X (sic)). I guess the headline unifying the Facebook ‘is’ and the missing records would be: “Mr Darling is contrite but not unduly concerned.”

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