Back From The Dark Side

Hello World! I’m writing this entry from my shiny new MacBook Pro… after some 11 years ‘in the PC wilderness’…
no, I won’t bore you with Mac/Windows pro’s and con’s other than to say

a) I’m one of the world’s (well UK’s) original Apple ][, Lisa, and Mac users and fanatics

b) I switched to Windows in around 1996 for one simple reason: the pace of new Internet widgetry was so phenomenal that I felt I had to live in the PC world to take full advantage of it. Oh, and Mike Brayshaw and I had done some cool DOS/Prolog hacking in the 80’s, so I figured I could cope.

c) Now I can have the best of both worlds… end of story. I’ve got a Boot Camp partition that I can either boot natively, in which case I have one helluva nice PC laptop, or I can have my Parallels installation cannibalize the Boot Camp partition anyway, and run most things I need simultaneously. In any event I don’t need that much from the Windows side… it’s good enough for me to know it’s there.

d) I became pretty decent at Windows configuration/tweaking, but who cares? In fact down-and-dirty configuration/tweaking is, in my experience equally full of mystery in both worlds.

e) Anyone who knows me or my blog knows I’m a keyboard and touch-typing fanatic. This MacBook keyboard is ‘fair’… but consider that a condemnation. Why anyone would build a Rolls Royce and save a few pennies by installing a cheap and annoyingly-mis-shapen gas pedal is beyond me… that of course is what you get with the ‘RETURN’ and ‘ARROW’ keys on a UK Mac keyboard…. but I knew this in advance, so who’s complaining? I can guarantee that Steve Jobs has not used a UK keyboard, because he would not have been happy.

WHOOPS my Safari setup doesn’t have all my cool Technorati Tag and other bookmarklets, so no tags for this item until later…

[UPDATE 2: heh, and as Leander Kahney writes in his latest Cult of Mac article, I’m almost certainly 11 years too late; oh well..]

[UPDATE: Right; snagged it back… the only decent one out there IMHO is Oddiophile’s Technorati Tag Bookmarklet, so here are the tags]:

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