MSG now with Google Maps, Moodle options

Our own AJAXified “MSG – the world’s simplest instant messenger” (nee BuddySpace) is now tightly coupled (if you want it that way) with both Moodle and Google Maps (along with a slick clustering option that outperforms the normal ‘push-pins everywhere’ default). Alex Little has just created the following nice screencast demo:

You can obtain a higher quality version of the screencast at:

[Update: forgot to link to Alex Little’s blog, which I have now done – many thanks for the screencast, Alex! 😉 ]

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4 Responses to “MSG now with Google Maps, Moodle options”

  1. stuart brown Says:

    Hi Marc,

    I’ve posted the video to a few Ning networks of which I am a member and have lifted a few words of your description. Hope that’s ok!

    Networks are:
    open education
    classroom 2.0
    library 2.0

  2. Emma Says:

    This looks really useful – I’d used Buddy Space in the past, but then sort of forgot about it (and forgot my Jabber login details).
    I’ve used Flashmeeting with students, and they’ve really liked it, but of course there is the issue of bandwidth – even in Flashmeeting, especially when we had students overseas with poor connections.

    However, I can’t seem to find the map you’ve referred to. I’ve taken a screenshot of what I can see – I’ve got the two links to MSG & have logged into it fine, but there isn’t a map.

    … OK I started to login to Labspace in IE, rather than Firefox, in case that was the problem – and I see on the Labspace home page it says “Coming soon” – I’d not spotted that before!

    I’m looking forward to it arriving 🙂

  3. Blogging IT and EDucation » Blog Archive » MSG now with Google Maps, Moodle options Says:

    […] MSG now with Google Maps, Moodle options I’ve used BuddySpace in the past, just to test it (required a Jabber account), and have used FlashMeeting with students. The OU have now integrated Google Maps – and renamed BuddySpace. It’s looking good. Now, rather than having to find my Jabber details, it’s the login I have for LabSpace. […]

  4. Marc Says:

    Thanks for comments and links, everyone (sorry for delay – stuff goes through Akismet spam filter which is excellent, but I need to manually approve these)…

    Stuart: thanks for re-posting: be sure to tell Alex: they’re his!

    Emma: the full-blown map stuff in MSG is being rolled out in phases… in many ways it would be best to post this on the Labspace site at, but for now let me say that

    a) once you launch the actual MSG client, i.e. the one showing your contact/buddy list of names, you will already see the little blue globe at the top which in turn launches the cool new maps page

    b) the tiny little map on the Labspace and OpenLearn front pages showing the overall context of who is around is *NOT* yet released, but is coming out in mid-May, which is only a few weeks away… we’d love to hear your comments on it!


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