Truth about the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

See my short video commentary in the FlashVlog in my blog gutter. You can find tons of reviews about this cute little number, but the long and short of it is all there in the FlashVlog: Linux-based, Opera browser, WiFi/Bluetooth, tiny, cheap, cute, a little slow and frustrating, but in a unique niche of its own (no, not the same niche as Microsoft’s Origami family) and does exactly what it says on the tin.

I like my small and separate mobile phone already (see my N70 3G phone review) and I do not wish that this 770 Internet Tablet were combined with a phone: separate is OK for me.

Where’s the ‘truth’ then? I say that only because I don’t like most of the reviews I’ve read that either glorify this thing to the skies or slam it hard for being so restricted. In certain (restricted) contexts, where you need a true rendering of web pages in a tiny piece of real estate (rather than re-purposed or re-rendered), for not much money, this does the job.

Oh, and its a got a news feed aggregator, picture and video and music players, and streaming internet radio, plus games and plenty of lively 3rd-party developers. Me, I just want that browser-on-the-go-for-tight-spaces and a few mobile web demos. But not very often, because it gives me a headache. Really. ‘Whole-view’ browsing is rendered too small, and the ‘piecemeal’ view is nice and big and bright but too much ‘tunnel vision’ for me. I like it, I like it, but only on special occasions.

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