OU eTMA handler for Mac

OK, this is a niche entry, but hey, I was indirectly involved in a series of emails that leapfrogged along through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, and discovered (in the best tradition of social networking), the person who had the answer (to the problem of how to do some otherwise Windows-specific tutoring activity using an Apple Macintosh). The email chain was great – no one knew the answer, but we each we knew someone who probably knew someone who did. Prestomundo!

So I offered to post it here just to boost the search-engine-findability of this marvellous tool.

In the words of the creator Mike Hay, this electronic Tutor Marked Assignment (eTMA) tool is…

For Open University Associate Lecturers [ALs] who mark eTMAs and wish to use a Mac to do so!
….. Tested, and being used, successfully over a number of months by current ALs.

Here is the link: Visit Mike Hay’s eTMA Handler for Mac site

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