Busted Tablet :-(

I don’t ever get attached to a mere ‘PC’. Except this one: the (regrettably) discontinued HP TC1100, which now has something of a cult following amongst its users.

I’ve written in The Truth About Tablet PC about the virtues of this form factor for output (as opposed to scribbling input, which is not important for me), and in my Road Warrior comments on GetReal I’ve written about the ‘zones of comfort’ (arm reach, for typical desktop and laptop use; elbow reach, for typical tablet and PDA use; shoulder reach, for typical phone use) and why the Tablet PC really scores highly in the right context.

The other day I tripped on a stairway on my way to a meeting – my encased HP TC1100 may have spared me a broken wrist, but the screen took the brunt of the fall. Incredibly it still works fine; hopefully I can get the glass replaced.

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6 Responses to “Busted Tablet :-(”

  1. David Stewart Says:

    Looks like a job for Autoglass.

  2. Sven Says:

    Did you get the display fixed? I have the exact same problem – mine slipped out of my backpack, fell onto a concrete floor from 4ft, but still works fine. Just the display glass on top is totally cracked like yours. I looked up the web but couldn’t find anything yet 😦

    Please let me know if you could find help!

    Thx a bunch…


  3. Marc Says:

    Yes… just the glass was replaced, and it’s back to normal!! Email me (see link in the upper right of this home page/blog) if you want further details…



  4. Steven Says:

    I’ve recently gained a secondhand TC1100 and it’s beginning to have a problem.
    Have you had any problems with a checkered display when booting up the machine since it had been turned off (or hibernated)? Or with three-beeping sounds when turning on the laptop (and it consequently not booting, just staying on the black screen)?

    Do you know of any fix or where I might be able to find some help? I’ve phoned HP and they say, because it’s out of warrently, it’ll cost some £300 to fix.


  5. dan Says:

    I too cracked the glass of my tablet just today..stupid gravity! I was just wondering how you went about replacing yours?

    • Marc Says:

      Mine was sent off through my institution back to HP Headquarters, and was successfully replaced … this was some time ago however, and the model is now discontinued…

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