Social Semantic Web 2.0 – Peter Mika

Lest you think that “Social Semantic Web 2.0” is complete hype and/or the output of an automatic buzz-phrase generator, suffice it to say that there is someone out there who not only talks the talk but walks the walk, i.e. he has actually done it (that is, he has integrated social network analysis with ontology-based reasoning and mix/match/mashups of multiple web services), and won several awards for it to boot: Peter Mika.

See some pointers on Peter’s research page, in particular Flink and “Ontologies are us: A unified model of social networks and semantics”.

Peter is in KMi today giving us a seminar about his latest work. Check out the webcast, live at 2PM UK time, 29th June 2006, or available later as a replay.

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