Naughton tells it like it is

John Naughton, OU Professor of the Public Understanding of Technology, gave his inaugural lecture yesterday.

As a great writer, knowledgeable geek, historian, systems thinker, and educator, John is always worth listening to!

He gave us his unique take on why the Internet is even more disruptive than we thought, and how the insights of Cerf and Kahn led to a future-proof technical and social architecture that enabled radical developments even they could not foresee. I won’t spoil the talk for you by giving away any more details, but I heartily recommend you have a listen. Because John uses no special effects or PowerPoint slides (woohoo) the audio track is all you need; but the video is there if you want:

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One Response to “Naughton tells it like it is”

  1. Mark Gaved Says:

    Cheers for the reminder Marc, I sat down and watched the webcast replay. Great lecture by John Naughton and fantastic that it’s been put up on the web for those of us who couldn’t make the actual event. I agree, it’s definitely worth watching.

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