WordPress hack gets RSS2 output back…

…and validated once again in feedvalidator.org.

Apologies for the last four or five posts on this subject – they were really an attempt to catch the eye of WordPress or Technorati or RSS gurus who might have had the solution.

Thanks to Kevin for the PHP tweaking suggestion that solved this: boy is it subtle. I have never touched this file before, so the reason for the sudden occurrence of the problem this month is still a mystery to me. Moreover, the code in the ‘analagous’ file for older-spec RSS0.92 parses correctly with no problem, so the mystery remains.

Here is the solution.

Top: OLD CODE in my WordPress file wp-rss2.php; bottom = NEW CODE

Old code

New code

After the change (note single-quote-to-double-quote alteration between old and new), FeedValidator is happy. Well, happier anyway. Still a few minor complaints that are then resolved by the second tweak, namely in WordPress adjusting the setting in Options… Reading… Syndication feeds… For each article show… Summary rather than Full text.

Easy, no?


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2 Responses to “WordPress hack gets RSS2 output back…”

  1. IntelliStore Says:

    I tried your workaround however it did not work for me. Any other suggestions?

  2. Marc Says:

    Aargh; depends on what your other problems are; I finally got a response from Technorati, so if it’s an indexing/Wordpress issue, they may eventually be able to help you out. If it’s a feed validation issue, you’ve got to keep ‘plugging away’, and checking the other sites out there. I’ve indexed a few at

    Best of luck!

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