Phanfare: photo sharing done properly

I’ve tried a lot of photo sharing services, and a few pointers and reviews such as Digital Imaging Software Review: Phanfare convinced me to give Phanfare a whirl.

Three things sold me on it:

a) free month in which to upload many photos and short video clips

b) the no-brainer wider-family-friendly simplicity of it all, including no upload button: you drag-and-drop to a special control app, not totally unlike that deployed by Flickr (‘uploadr’), but there’s something a little more appealing about the style – for example, it does all the uploading in the background while you’re doing other stuff, like (optionally) labelling a few photos

c) best user support I’ve experienced in years: direct and helpful emails from the CEO, for example, in response to my enquiries about the oddball mobile-phone-video formats I required.

That’s all I needed: I’ve signed up for a year of the service. It costs a bit, but hey: I don’t care any more… time is money. After all, years ago I donated money to NullSoft for Winamp (pre-AOL) even though it was free, because it was so damn good. This is simpler, and just what I need right now.

Phanfare: Check it out.

Where’s my photo album? It’s private: that’s what I’m paying for, remember?

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