FlashVlog 1, Vlog It! 0

I’m doing a straight shootout comparison of two cool new video blogging tools – one is Vlog It! from Serious Magic, and the other, that I’m using here, is FlashVlog .

Both are very straightforward to use; Vlog It! is a PC-only app that does everything locally and then uploads a Flash file to a hosting service; whereas FlashVlog does the recording while you are hooked up to the hosting server. Vlog It! has some great newsroom-style transition and titling effects; FlashVlog is much simpler and runs on any platform – and enjoys the no-brainer simplicity that you’d expect from the same team that created FlashMeeting.

Finally, FlashVlog just works; end of story. Vlog It! nearly worked, but when was time to upload my little recorded piece to the hosting server, I got some very peculiar error messages, to the effect that ‘your computer is not connected to the Internet’. Now, I consider myself pretty good at this stuff – I’ve been doing internet audio and video for over 10 years, since the very first CU-SeeMe hit the streets, and have run any and every application on the planet, on every platform. There would appear to be a firewall problem, but in several interactions with technical support at SeriousMagic, they said: “you figure it out.” That’s the end of my relationship with SeriousMagic.

[The above is also a verbatim transcript of what I say in the vlog – I’ve recorded in two ‘segments’ just to show how easy it easy to create segments in FlashVlog].

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2 Responses to “FlashVlog 1, Vlog It! 0”

  1. hockeyshooter Says:

    Yes, highly likely that your problems with Vlog It! were down to firewall issues. I still get comments from some of the schools on the Making The News project saying they would love to make use of the Flash Blogging facility but cannot because all of the ports normally allowed for communicaiton with the FlashCom server are closed and that their ISP is flat refuse to open them.

  2. Jay Blogger Says:

    Its funny how I’m used to reading many blogs, yet I was automatically drawn to the vlog before I started reading. I think vlogging is going to be a huge hit in the near future. I have not heard of either Vlog It or FlashVlog but I can’t wait to go try them both out. Thanks for your inspiration.

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