Early Das Keyboard comments

There was some delay getting the blank Das Keyboard I blogged about earlier… it took a while to arrive from the US, and then the ‘Q’ keycap was missing; they kindly sent the missing piece very quickly after that;

I’m using it in earnest now, and I like it ‘a lot’: but not enough to become a fanatical evangelist for it… not yet, anyway; two minor problems are (a) its ‘feel’ to me is a bit sluggish… whereas for something touted as an ‘ubergeek’ keyboard I had d expect it to be totally stunning, not just ‘OK’: speed and feel are the only things that matter in this niche. (b) you can’t be BOTH an ubergeek AND a UK user; if you inhabit a UK-centric world, where you want regular/easy access to the £ character, guess what: you lost the backslash character. No problemo: switch in the Windows Systray to English-US, and you get your backslash back, but lose your £ (and the @ and double-quotes get reversed. I’m UK/US bilingual, so don’t mind the keyboard variations, but if you’re a UK geek, you need easy access to both the £ and backslash, because you need em both a lot… oh well…

Oh, and the fact that I can’t see any labels on the keys? Who cares! I don’t need ’em, and the one or two oddball keys I’ve had to look up are now firmly implanted in my memory, so I’m a better touch typist than I was before, which is really the whole point of the exercise!

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