Meetomatic #2 on Google

… that is, if you are searching for: meeting scheduler.
Meetomatic is also consistently in the top 3 via MSN search (was 1st last night, 3rd today). Trust me, that is no mean feat, for such general and popular terms.

Read my posting about the design principles behind it over on Get Real.

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4 Responses to “Meetomatic #2 on Google”

  1. Timothy Takemoto Says:

    I really like meetomatic. I would really love to be able to use it. I have used it twice. But alas, I am not quite in tune with the lowest common denominator. Lowest common denomination is great for the median man, but I find myself among the mass of minorities. Particularly
    1) We do not all speak English (I do, but my colleagues do not) and Meetomatic is very English
    2) Some of us do need more checkboxes per day. I guess this too has something to do with anglo saxon work culture. Here in Japan, am and pm just does not cut it.
    This is very very sad. Meetomatic comes so close to being really useful.
    I pray that you release it one day (I have been waiting about 18 months)

  2. Marc Eisenstadt Says:

    Thanks for the comments, Timothy. Eventually we hope to offer ‘localized’ or multi-language options; re ‘more checkboxes per day’, this is a matter of ongoing discussion: the challenge is to avoid the ‘slippery slope of feature-creep’ that takes us into the realms of all the other meeting scheduler tools!

  3. Professologue Says:

    about having more slots per day, here are my thoughts
    1. do keep it simple
    2. why not have an optional 2nd cycle: we decided on April 1st, what time is best?

  4. Marc Says:

    Yes… 2nd cycle is similar to what we do now… also we are now working on a fine-grained-timing version: stay tuned!


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