Social bookmarks, interest profiles, bayesian filtering

Thoughtful post from Find A Path on “Social bookmarks, interest profiles, bayesian filtering” saying…

I would like to see an inbox that shows me the latest findings of all users that match my profile, as defined by the set of tags that I use, but also, furthermore, by the tags that other users often associated to the sites that I bookmark. … Such a functionality would break the folksonomy barrier…

My quick thoughts on this are that

1. ‘technorati tags’ is already getting ahead of the curve on this: it now shows up a ‘related tags’ list, very much along the lines that Nat (above) is thinking about…

2. a la spam links – a difficult problem indeed… re the naming of it, I would just call it ‘Delicious spam’ (ha… eat that!)…

3. A former KMi colleague, ‘Mr Bayesian Knowledge Discovery’, would be just the guy to work on this… Marco Ramoni who, aside from being Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at the Harvard Medical School, also created The Bayesware Discoverer

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