Go Ellen!

Down to the final day – what an amazing achievement, whether or not Ellen MacArthur breaks the solo-non-stop-round-the-world-in-a-multihull record, which she’s still well-positioned to do. Should get a fantastic reception in Falmouth Monday night or Tuesday (or Wednesday, for that matter).

I’m interested not only because this is a great milestone (well-financed or not, doesn’t matter… and let’s face it, how else could one do this), not only because it’s a sailing event, but also because her site at teamellen.com provides a nice example of what we like to call Xtreme Webcasting. We coined this phrase back in August 2002 when KMi provided the infrastructure to support Lorenzo Gariano webcasting live from the Matterhorn summit.

‘Live’ is a lot trickier than ‘nearly-live’, ‘as-live’, ‘time-shifted’ or ‘pre-recorded’, and has both advantages and disadvantages (main advantage = people love it… listening or watching later just ain’t the same). Here’s a Google search to save you ever needing to remember the URL, i.e. just Google for xtreme webcasting as follows, and delve into the saved media from there:


We’re just engaged in discussions with Lorenzo concerning his forthcoming ascent of Everest in April via the exceedingly hairy northern route. Hopefully KMi will be able to provide some nice new capabilities, both for the live and playback elements… watch this space!

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