LP/MP3 Si, CD No!

A little lazy Sunday living room listening… Asleep At The Wheel‘s 1979 “Wheelin and Dealin” album… yes, album, as in vinyl, as in LP, as in long playing record.  Appropriately enough, my SLiMP3 streaming infinite jukebox (from my PC upstairs to my living room hi-fi downstairs… see my 27-Feb-2003 posting about SLiMP3) is displaying, on the box in front of the turntable ‘Loooking for DHCP server…’ …  hah… well, you’ve gotta love it anyway… it’s still a fantastic gizmo, the problem in this case being some brain-damaged networking stuff going on upstairs (now resolved incidentally), but come on, guys, can you see grandma having to reboot her hi-fi? 
Now, MP3 and vinyl: there’s a good combo.  In fact, not ‘MP3’ so much as ‘digital media of decent quality beamed from an infinite storage device somewhere out there’… storage is so cheap that there’s no reason to compromise on quality, and let’s face it, if you’re ripping your own media to a digital archive, you don’t want to go through that process more than once, so just do it at the highest possible quality, and buy more storage if you need to!
I actually beam a lot of music to my hi-fi now from a Freecom FHD-2 USB 2/Firewire 60GB pocket-size hard disk drive (often just connected to my desktop PC)… on which I not only back up my valuable documents, but also have more tracks stored than I can reasonably listen to… it’s a cute little ‘chamelion’ of a device… supports Firewire (IEEE1394), USB 2, USB 1, and will draw its power from the firewire connection if you use that, and is ‘agnostic’, i.e. PC and Mac-friendly: just plug it in and it appears as extra storage… nice!  
But I digress: what I really wanted to say was that I’m relishing the total elimination of the CD  from my life.  In essence, when I want convenience, access, large storage, quality, portability, then high-bitrate MP3 fits the purpose very well: that’s my infinite jukebox.  When I want ownership, warmth, liner notes I can read and enjoy without a magnifying glass, 30 minutes of audio pleasure and relaxation, then give me a vinyl Long-Playing record every time.   


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